Welcome to Your Payroll Processing Center, Inc.

Your Payroll Processing Center, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAS Information, Inc., and provides private label payroll processing services for a number of companies nationally. Expedition Payroll, Inc. is also owned by DAS and is the retail service provider for Your Payroll Processing Center, Inc. If you are looking for Human Resources and Payroll Services, we can definitely help. Just go to Expedition Payroll and contact us. Our payroll service can help you manage your human capital from recruitment to retirement.

DAS Information, Inc. previously owned a franchise license for Advantage Payroll Services and did business as Advantage Payroll Services in Minnesota using the domain registration of advantagepay.com. That business was sold to Advantage Payroll Services, Inc., a Paychex, Inc. company. If you are an Advantage client you can use advantagepayroll.com to reach their website.

Expedition Payroll

Toll Free: 1.888.865.8150

Minnesota: 612.869.8150

Michigan: 248.246.6455

Fax: 1.888.865.8151